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                                      Capital Access Program


The Capital Access Program (“Capital Access”) is designed to provide a blueprint for companies seeking to act as their own investment banker under guidance from C Brook, Inc. (“C Brook”). The program is intended for underserved companies which could benefit from a full scale investment banking relationship however do not have the capital resources to outsource such an effort. Capital Access represents a hybrid non-exclusive relationship which can offer a means through which to accomplish capital raising objectives using a proven systematic approach. 

The program provides a customized Investor Target List drawn and prepared from C Brook resources and relationships as well as a methodology for creating and or enhancing business investment proposal materials (the “CPD”). In addition, C Brook will provide advisory review of the materials preparation process and investor development. Below is a summary of the elements of the Capital Access Program. Further information can be provided on each aspect of the program upon request.  

Part I – Corporate Profile & Documentation Process/Valuation Guidelines

1. Copy of the Corporate Profile & Documentation Process (the “CPD”). Sample industry appropriate business plans and Executive Summary provided (on a no names basis).

2. Illustrative investor PowerPoint Presentations

3. A sample private placement financing document showing, structure and rationale/implications.

4. Valuation Blueprint outlining the process and providing an actual company example (strictly no names basis).

5. Advisory Review

Part II – Investor Target List/Comparable Company Analysis

1. C Brook prepares and provides a customized Investor Target List. The list includes summary of each investor including where possible, similar investments in their portfolio and a full Business Description of the investor/fund (address, stages of interest, geographies of interest, investment criteria, and other relevant data).

2. Comparable company analysis

3. Appropriate public company research report (where available and on a “best efforts to secure” basis).

4. Advisory Review

Program Initiation

Capital Access is structured as a non-exclusive agreement between the client Company and C Brook. The agreement includes an initial access fee (in association with Part I and Part II as per above) as well as a provision for ongoing managment consultant as the company conducts its own capital raising effort.

For further information regarding the Capital Access Program, please email us at info@colebrookecap.com or call us at 212-848-0291.

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