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C Brook generally prefers to source its own projects although it will entertain referrals and unsolicited proposals.

C Brook will usually initiate contact with a new potential client and will seek to spend considerable time and effort getting to know the principals and the dynamics of a situation. In assessing the viability of a new opportunity, the greatest weight is placed on the following factors:

Outstanding Management Team:  The Company should have a team composed of experienced executives with proven ability to profitably grow the operation. Has the team worked together before? Will they be compatible? What is the relevant experience of each person? What will each team member focus on? Are additions to the team required? 

Business Concept:  We target businesses that have either strong competitive positions in mature, stable industries or a track record of market leadership and innovation in newer, rapidly growing industries. What is the unique aspect/competitive advantage of the product or service offered? If technology is being developed, what is the progress to date? How will the product be distributed? Are there patent or regulatory issues to address? What is the timetable for the business?

Execution of Plan:  It is imperative that C Brook is able to establish that a management team and the organization as a whole is capable of executing the plans for which funding is being sought. We like to be comfortable that in addition to a well defined plan, that the finer details and mechanics associated with reaching the projections have been addressed and in fact there is a logical path towards each phase of growth. 

Market and Industry:  What is the best estimate of the true market for the product or service? On what is the estimate based? What direct customer feedback has been measured? What is the existing and potential competition? 

Capital Requirements:  How much funding is required now and how will the financing be structured? Will additional funding be needed later? If so, what stage of development of the company will be funded with each infusion of cash?

High Potential Investment Return:  Substantial capital appreciation potential must exist. While the investment price will be a significant component in evaluating the investor’s return on each investment, other critical factors, such as the amount of risk, the size of the investment, the degree of liquidity, and the estimated holding period also will be considered.

Financial Statements:  Does the company have audited or reviewed financial statements? Are three or five-year projections developed? What is the basis for the projections?  

For additional information on our professionals and focus, please send your request by clicking  info@colebrookecap.com.

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